Employment Tribunal Representation

Dealing with an Employment Tribunal claim without legal representation is an extremely time-consuming and stressful process.  

Simplaw offers a complete Employment Tribunal Representation service.  As soon as we become your representative we will manage every stage of your defence of the claim, including attendance at all hearings.  The main stages of the Tribunal process are summarised below:

Responding  to the Claim

The Response, commonly referred to as the “ET3”, is a critical document which sets out the basis of your company’s  defence.  It must be presented within 28 days of the date of the notification of a claim.
Disclosure and Bundles
Both parties have a duty to disclose all relevant documents prior to the hearing.  Documents which either party wishes to refer to at the hearing must be included in a carefully prepared document bundle. 
Witness statements 
Evidence at the hearing is given by way of written witness statements.  Statements must be exchanged with the other party well in advance, and will be presented by the witnesses on oath at the hearing.  A key part of our Employment Tribunal Representation Service is meeting individually with those who need to give evidence on your company’s behalf and carefully drafting witness statements which will draw out the strengths of your defence.
Advising on case merits
When you use our Employment Tribunal Representation service we will advise you at every stage of the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s defence, and whether  we feel that it would be in your company’s interests to explore scope for an out of court settlement. 
Exploring settlement
If you wish to pursue a settlement, our Employment Tribunal Representation service includes negotiating with the other party.  Our experience will give us the edge to secure a much more favourable financial outcome for your business.
By using our  Employment Tribunal Representation service you can be confident in the knowledge that if your case proceeds to a hearing you will have first-class legal representation. Your advocate will conduct all preparation, will guide your witnesses through the process of giving evidence, conduct cross-examination of the other party’s witnesses and present up to date legal argument and closing submissions.

If you have an Employment Tribunal claim, whatever stage of the proceedings it is currently at, please contact us to discuss our Employment Tribunal Representation service and how we can help.
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