Employment Law Services

Employment Tribunal Representation
Based in Warrington, and covering the whole of the North West, Simplaw offers a cost-effective Employment Tribunal Representation service for employers faced with with an Employment Tribunal claim

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks
The Contract of Employment is the legal basis of the relationship between Employer and Employee and is formed as soon as an offer of employment is accepted. Where there is no written Contract of Employment, or where a written contract exists but does not adequately deal with a particular issue, the courts are given the power to determine the contractual term in question. What is more, if there is any ambiguity in a written contractual term, the courts must resolve the ambiguity in favour of the Employee.

Employment Law Advice for Employers
Whether your business has 5 employees or 5000, as an Employer it is subject to approximately 40 UK Statutes and many more Statutory Instruments which together make up UK Employment Law.

Employment Law Training
It is the day to day decisions made by line managers which are most affected by Employment Law. Whether managers are faced with a potential disciplinary issue, are asked to consider a request for flexible working, or are looking to introduce new working practices, they will constantly be making decisions with Employment Law implications.

Employment Law Consultancy
When your business has an operational issue with major Employment Law implications, such as a business re-organisation, an acquisition, or a serious disciplinary or grievance issue, it may need “hands-on” support, particularly if it does not have a dedicated Human Resources function.

Compromise Agreements
A Compromise Agreement is a legally binding agreement between an Employer and Employee which provides for, or follows, the termination of employment. In most cases the Employer agrees to make a severance payment in exchange for the Employee’s agreement not to bring or pursue an Employment Tribunal claim.

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